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ClimateAdvice offers lectures focusing on climate change. Do the issues and science behind climate change interest your school, company, and/or association? Please contact ClimateAdvice for further information and pricing.


Lecturers include photography from various consulting projects and research expeditions to Alaska (The Northern Slope), Greenland (glaciers and ice caps) and the high Andes Mountains.


Lectures are designed to make the science and issues concerning climate change understandable by all and to provide insight into what changes will mean for individuals now and in the future.




The following lectures on climate change can be booked (lectures can be conducted either in Danish or English):


A Changing Earth in a Warming Climate.

The Arctic Region – Extreme Changes.

Expeditions to the Arctic and High Andes Mountain.

Future Climate Change – do we need to be concerned?


ClimateAdvice continually updates its lecture series.


CLIMATEADVICE / cunsultancy . research . outreach / Email: kontakt@klimaraadgivning.dk