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ClimateAdvice offers consultations regarding climate adjustment strategies and action plans.


ClimateAdvice offers expert guidance on how to mitigate impacts in connection to ongoing and future expected climate changes. ClimateAdvice works to find the most optimal solutions regarding extreme events such as high intensity rain and periodic flood events and the rising of sea levels. Today, many populated areas, drainage systems, rivers, and lakes are not physically prepared for the climate change issues our society is facing. ClimateAdvice proposes solutions to the dimensioning of such physical systems.




ClimateAdvice maps and assesses current and future water resources where groundwater, surface water, snowmelt and glacier melt are potential sources of drinking water and irrigation. ClimateAdvice uses systematic monitoring methodologies and computer models developed in the research community by leading scientists in the fields of climatology, glaciology and hydrology.


ClimateAdvice conducts hydrographic and hydrological monitoring programs and modeling of river freshwater runoff, including estimations of the seasonal variability and the risk for extreme events. These estimations are calculated using robust and reliable grid models which are able to simulate freshwater runoff and its flow patterns towards the sea.


ClimateAdvice conducts mapping of flood risks along streams and rivers.


ClimateAdvice restore, enhance, and preserve the natural river environment.


ClimateAdvice implement environmental river maintenance through weed cutting and the establishment of decanters and fauna passages with the aim of creating better biological activity in streams and enhanced recreation opportunities and enjoyment of the river system.


ClimateAdvice conduct environmental assessments.




ClimateAdvice maps spatiotemporal changes in urbanization, deforestation, desertification, coasts, glacier margins, and land use using satellite and drone imagery. Satellite and drone imagery have proven to be efficient and accurate tools for the collection of surface data.


ClimateAdvice has experience in the use of satellite and drone imagery over the Arctic, Greenland, and South America, where data collected has been used to generate digital elevation models and glacier volume calculations, amongst other applications.


ClimateAdvice conduct topographic surveys, data collection, and data processing.




ClimateAdvice conducts research on climate change, which includes computer development and simulations in meteorology, climatology, glaciology and hydrology, providing more physically correct descriptions of physical processes and feedback mechanisms.



ClimateAdvice offers lectures focusing on climate change and what we can do now and in the future to minimize the damage from a changing climate. Lectures are designed for a range of different audiences and are aimed at simplifying the complex science of climate change so that it is understandable by all. These lecturers are enhanced through first person experiences of life as an environmental scientist, both in the laboratory and in the field, and by photography from various expeditions to Alaska, Greenland and the high Andes.




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